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Amaryllis leaflet 2021 online

The Amaryllis (or Hippeastrum) is more popular than ever. Not only has a flower, but definitely as a flower bulb. The diversity and convenience of this bulb is being discovered more and more. In the garden, in a flower pot or inside the house, the Amaryllis is comfortable in many circumstances. And with just a tiny bit of treatment, you will get a beautiful flower in return.

Onings Holland is a growing player in Amaryllis bulbs. With the headquarters close to the main production area, Onings keeps a close eye to the developments of the Dutch Amaryllis crops and works together with the growers to improve and promote this wonderful product.

Click here to check the new leaflet: https://onings.com/wp-content/uploads/Onings-Leaflet-Amaryllis-crop-2021.pdf