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Onings Lily trials flowering 24/7

Every year in the beginning of June, hundreds of different lily varieties are flowering in the test greenhouse of Onings Holland Flowerbulbs. This is always a unique, but short experience. Now the lily trials are flowering 24/7 on the website of Onings Holland. Via a 360° tour, you can check in and enjoy all the flowering lilies at any moment.

For many years, Onings Holland is planting samples of every batch of lilies that is received after the harvest. These samples are planted on different moments, aiming to have as many varieties as possible flowering during the Dutch Lily Days, an annual event in the first week of June. In this week, visitors from all over the world visit the test greenhouse of Onings Holland in Honselersdijk, the Netherlands.

Not everyone was able to visit the test greenhouse during the Dutch Lily Days. Besides many images and video’s that are shared on the website and social media channels of Onings Holland, now a 360° virtual tour is developed so that the lily trials can be enjoyed 24/7 virtually. The tour has been recorded on 2 different moment. Therefore the quick varieties, as well as the slow varieties are recorded in their optimal flowering stage. Also the top-50 of the Lily League are highlighted. You can even be guided through the trials live by a team member of Onings. You can contact Onings Holland or Onings America for more information.

The 360° tour can be found on the improved website of Onings Holland Flowerbulbs. The website now also contains the test results of the lily trials of 2022 and it has a new database with Amaryllis varieties.

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