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Covid continues to affect the bulb business

While one half of the world is slowly getting out of the Covid-crisis, the other half is getting deeper and deeper into trouble. Some important countries for flowerbulbs are part of this other half.

New Zealand recently went into lockdown since there were new cases of Covid found on the Northern Island. All activities, a part from essential businesses, are now forced to stop. Millions of lily bulbs are now ready to be shipped, but the lockdown is blocking the road to the harbor.

Vietnam is fighting a heavy wave of Covid for 2 months already, with strict lockdowns in the most inhabited areas. The third biggest country for lily bulbs has closed its most essential flower markets. And while distributing non essential products to other areas is heavily barricaded, flower growers are sadly losing all of their savings. Many flowers in Vietnam are grown by farmers on small scale.

Onings continues to correspond and assist their relations where possible and wishes everyone who is currently weighed down a lot of strength. It looks like Covid-19 continues to affect the international flowerbulb business for much longer.

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