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Lily packing season is a go

2 weeks earlier than usual, we received the first lily bulbs of “crop 2021”. Due to wet circumstances during the summer, the fields started to turn brown more quickly and bulb growers were able to start the harvest sooner. Shortly after we received the first lily bulbs, we started cleaning, desinfecting and packing. By now all of our packing lines are up and running. Depending on the height of the peak, we will start doing night shifts in a few weeks.

The first results of the harvest confirm our expectations that the growth would be below average. The weather circumstances were not benificial for getting large sized bulbs from the crop. This also means that the amount of commercial sizes in general will not reach the target. In combination with the decreased production acreage and the (instinctive) growth of demand, it is clear that the supply of lily bulbs this year by far will not be sufficient.

If you would like to have more information about the crop results and what it means for you as a professional in lilies, do not hesitate to contact us.

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