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From one challenge to the next

Slowly, but steady, we see countries around the world withdrawing lockdowns and starting to accept Covid as a “part of life”. The threat of restrictions has never been this low since the first outbreak of Covid-19. A few countries, for example China, still keep a strict policy against Covid, but so far this does not lead to great uncertainty. Hopefully this is the beginning of the end of the “age of Covid”.

Unfortunately, we are facing new challenges, especially the increasing gas and energy prices. This is mainly caused by the tensions towards Russia as an important supplier of gas to Europe. This has a great effect on sea transportation, which was already disturbed and more expensive by Covid-19. The high energy prices also make the cold storage of flower bulbs much more expensive. Trucks and tractors pay record high prices for diesel and also the price of fertilizers rise to unprecedented heights.

This means that the costs for flower bulbs will increase tremendously. Our mission to create a business that is profitable for everyone is put to the test once again. Everyone must contribute to these increasing prices, also the consumer. But, as always, the consumer decides.

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