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Summer bulb season has started

This week we have received the first tulip and allium bulbs in our warehouse. This means that the summer bulb season has officially started at our company. Besides tulips and alliums, we will receive many types of summer bulbs, such as daffodils, crocusses, irisses, hyacinths, freesias and many others. Later in the season, many amaryllis bulbs will find their way to our warehouse.

In general, the growing conditions of the bulbs were good this year. Due to a cold sping, the growth of the crop started slowly. Therefore, the harvest started later by more than a week. This will also have consequences for when the tulip bulbs will reach their G-stage.

Unfortunately, heavy rain has caused damage to the bulb fields in some areas. A few bulb growers reported more than 100mm of rain and are struggling to get the water from their land. How much the rain has caused water damage to the bulbs is still difficult to say. This also counts for fusarium and penecilium rate, because this depends on the weather circumstances during the harvest.

It is already clear that more tulip lots than average contain TXV-virus. This has a great effect on the classification of the bulbs per lot number and will therefore not be able to be exported.

As usual, we are following the developments closely.

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