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Team Onings collects € 21.250 for De Westlandse Ride

During ‘De Westlandse Ride” (The Westland Ride), Team Onings donated € 21.250 to an organisation that does research to fight cancer. Team Onings is a group of cyclers that collected this amount through multiple ways, such as selling flower bulbs, organizing a spinning marathon and seperate donations from the riders that cycled in the 24-hour relay. Onings Holland Flowerbulb is the head sponsor behind Team Onings.

The team provided 16 riders that cycled 30 kilometers each of the 6 rounds for the relay. Most riders did all 6 rounds. During, and at the end of the relay there were many presentations of the riders and donations, followed by a big party to celebrate a spectacular final amount of € 225.700.

On behalf of Team Onings, we want to thank everyone that bought bulbs, joined the spinning marathon or donated in any other way. We also want to pay our respect to the team of De Westlandse Ride for organizing this event perfectly.

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