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Southern hemisphere trials crop 2020 completed

Although most of the lily bulbs are shipped directly from New Zealand or Chile to customers all over the world, the bulbs are still being strictly tested. 1 crate, or 2 crates in some cases, of every lot number are send to the test greenhouse of Onings. Here the bulbs are planted to be judged on quality and performance. Similar to the lily trials in spring, but even more extensively. De results of the trials are shared with both the supplier and customer.

Meanwhile, the lily bulbs that will be harvested in New Zealand and Chile this year, are heading towards the final stages. The plants have been debudded, which means the bulbs are now growing in size. The development of the growth will be checked along the way and the plants will be mowed in case the growth is going too fast. The first bulbs will be harvested after 3 months.

Click here to watch a video about the Southern hemisphere trials

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