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Covid-19 and virtual tour trial greenhouse

Dear colleagues in the flower bulbs industry,

There is no doubt that our beloved flower bulb industry is hurting deeply from the global crisis that Covid-19 has created. Flower growers are unable to sell their flowers as markets and borders are closed. Export has been interrupted due to heavy measures taken by governments all over the world. And bulb growers are dealing with severe devaluation of their products. It shows once more that every crisis asks for deep sacrifices and everyone involved needs to take their responsibility.

A relatively small, but nonetheless painful sacrifice we need to make is the cancellation of the annual “Dutch Lily Days”, which had been announced recently. Although we were looking forward to welcoming you in our testing greenhouse to show you our complete assortment and test results of our lily trials, we respect this decision. We will do whatever possible to keep you updated about the growing developments and give you a virtual tour through our greenhouse. Click on the following link for the first tour: https://www.facebook.com/oningsholland/videos/666559157428861/

These bizarre times make you realize the things you possess. All of the relationships that we have built up during our 70-year existence are of great importance to us. This is why we want to show our appreciation and support to everyone. Above all, we hope that you and everyone around you stays healthy and be spared by the coronavirus or any illness whatsoever.

Together with you, we will try to continue our business with full force. We hereby encourage everyone to hold on, stay positive and continue with your production whenever possible. Like any crisis, this too shall pass. And by coloring the world with our beautiful bulbs and flowers, we contribute to the global feeling of happiness.

Yours sincerely,

Onings Holland Flowerbulbs

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