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Local bulbs sales yields € 6.800 for charity

The annual bulb market, that goes by the name ‘Flowerbulb Festival’, was again a great success.

For the seventh year, the warehouse of Onings Holland was tranformed into a local flowerbulb market. Many enthusiastic visitors made their choice between tulips, hyacinths and daffodils. Also many bulb bags with a collection of bulbs were sold. The total turnover was an astonishing € 6.800.

The flowerbulbs are planted in autumn and will bloom in springtime in the gardens of those who bought them. Flowers make people happy and in combination with this great result for charity makes Onings Holland organize this event again next year.

Frans Onings and Sjoerd Onings handed over the cheque to Paul Franke, Aad van der Valk and Jason Koot of De Westlandse Ride.

Onings Holland Flowerbulbs sells flowerbulbs to professional growers and flower parks in more than 50 countries and is an exhibitor of Keukenhof. De Westlandse Ride is a cycling event where teams ride 180 km through the area of Westland within 24 hours, aiming to collect as much money as possible to fight cancer. Onings Holland joins De Westlandse Ride next year for the third time.

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