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Onings Holland


Onings Holland Inc. (aka Onings America) started in 1997 to support and supply cut and pot lily growers in the USA and Canada. Over the last few years, we’ve extended our offerings by making alliances with the world’s premier hybridizers. Our main products, besides lilies, are Italian Cloni™ ranunculus, anemone, tulips, freesia, fancy daffodils, peony, sunflower, etc.

Onings America is exclusive agent and representative of several well respected companies in the US, Canada and other countries such as:

Biancheri Creazioni
Groot&Groot peonies
WF Leenen daffodils and sonatini
Penning Freesia etc.
Our list is growing…


Please feel free to contact us for more information and a complete copy of our listing.: https://oningsamerica.us20.list-manage.com/subscribe?u=a2d8094be87ad6f12adfc1934&id=d259b7bc51