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A better environment is top priority in the flowerbulb business. Onings Holland also contributes to making the supply chain of flower bulbs more sustainable;

  • Onings uses more than 2,100 solar panels to generate sustainable power.
  • Onings does their part to minimize the use of water during the cleansing process of the bulbs. This is mainly done by recycling as much water as possible.
  • Packing and storing techniques are examined and improved on a yearly basis to search for more sustainable methods.
  • In the Onings test greenhouse, there are continuous tests and experiments for more sustainable bulb treatments.
  • Due to the use of computer tablets and scanners, the use of paper is almost unnecessary.
  • Obviously, garbage is being separated strictly.
  • Thanks to charging stations, we give electric cars the possibility to charge their batteries with our “solar energy”.
  • A good health improves the productivity. Therefore fresh fruit is available for all employees in the recently renovated canteen.
  • Onings shows their commitment by supporting many local initiatives, sport clubs and charities.
    (Team Onings tijdens de Westlandse Ride)

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