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Packing & Storage

A bulb only classifies as an Onings bulb when it carries a PO label! Each crate of bulbs packed at our facilities is finished with a recognisable PO-crate cover. Bulbs that are intended for export outside Europe are washed thoroughly in order to meet the strict import conditions of the country of destination.
After the washing treatment, bulbs are carefully disinfected and packed in a plastic crate filled with (RHP) certified sterile peat.

We constantly track the development of the sprout within the flower bulb. In order to determine the best moment for the bulbs to be frozen, we also closely check the sugar level within the bulb upon arrival. Based on this information, each lot is individually judged and then placed in one of our highly sophisticated and computer controlled cooling rooms. On special request, the bulbs can even be stored in an ULO cooling room.

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