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Final inspection and flowering trials

From all lot numbers that bulb growers deliver to Onings, 30 bulbs are selected and planted in the test greenhouse. Around 4000 lot numbers in all possible bulb sizes are brought to flower, starting in February with the Southern Hemisphere bulbs. The annual Dutch Lily Days at the Onings test greenhouse have long been a highlight for bulb growers, flower growers, exporters and flower traders to judge and compare all available lots and varieties in one complete planting.

Visitors from around the world take this unique opportunity to check lot numbers from all growing locations. An increasing number of visitors join us in the greenhouse to study, discuss and compare current varieties with the newest available hybrids. The Dutch Lily Days provide our visitors with a collection of lilies that can not be found anywhere else. Growth and flowering performance of each lot number is monitored and recorded in a detailed test report. The results are freely available from our website.

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