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Privacy statement

P.F. Onings BV processes personal information and other data according to applicable law. The considerations regarding this are noted in this privacy statement.


This privacy statement is applicable concerning personal information and other data provided by customers, subscribers to the newsletter, and other relations, as well as data received from visits and use of the website of P.F. Onings BV.

Processing personal data

P.F. Onings BV processes personal data confidentially and carefully. P.F. Onings BV collects personal data from subscribing to the newsletter (your e-mail address and allowance for sending), from visiting meetings, events or activities of P.F. Onings BV when you sign up as customer or visitor.

The data will be processed for:

  • establishing the customer database
  • sending newsletters
  • meeting legal requirements
  • dealing with questions, complaints and disputes
  • optimizing the operation of the website

P.F. Onings BV collects data such as (company) name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, bank information, information regarding  transactions, data for participation, and information relevant for our business relationship.

In addition to the data provided to P.F. Onings BV by yourself, we can collect, capture or process data regarding use of our website. This concerns information of the device that you use, such as unique device ID, the version of operating system, and preferences of the device that you use to visit the website of P.F. Onings, as well as data concerning use of our website, such as time of visit and pages viewed. We also collect the amount of ‘opens and click’ to determine the use of our newsletters.

Your rights

We use your personal data to support and assist you and to contact you by phone or e-mail when there are any activities organized by us. You always have the right to look into, change or remove the information you provided to P.F. Onings BV. By request, we can send you your personal contact, address or bank information digitally.

In case you received any undesired messages about our activities, you can send us an objection by e-mail, telephone or letter to info@onings.nl, +31 174 282230, or P.F. Onings BV, ABC Westland 661, 2685 DH Poeldijk, the Netherlands.

If you have requested us to remove your personal data from our database, it might occur that we cannot meet your demands. In case you have been a customer of P.F. Onings BV, the tax authorities require us to save previously made agreements for a minimum of 7 years. If you requested us not to approach you with any form of marketing, we must save your contact information to exclude you from any future campaigns. In case we cannot remove your personal information, we will inform you about this.


If you subscribed to our digital newsletter, you can unsubscribe by using the link at the bottom of every newsletter.

How does P.F. Onings BV secure data?

For the protection of your personal information, P.F. Onings BV took technical and organizational measurements. P.F. Onings BV makes use of a secured server that only allows authorized users. The data that you fill in on our online forms will be send to P.F. Onings BV encrypted. P.F. Onings BV makes use of third party organizations for its services. When third party organizations make use of personal data, they will act as processer. All our processors are obliged to protect your personal data. P.F. Onings BV make agreements with all processors in which the correct use of personal data is mentioned.

Storage period

P.F. Onings BV stores personal data no longer than necessary.


P.F. Onings BV makes use of cookies to make its website more personal and user friendly. A cookie is a simple small computer file that will be saved on the hard disk of your device. Below you can read what type of cookies we place and how you can make your choices concerning cookies.

Functional cookies

Functional cookies take care that our website is functioning well, such as the correct font style.

Analytical cookies

P.F. Onings BV makes use of Google Analytics to collect information, such as date and time of visit and which pages are viewed. We use these data to improve our website, to create traffic statistics (such as moments when the website attracts most visitors), and to measure the popularity of the different pages of the website. P.F. Onings BV uses this data only aggregated and cannot trace one device or individual.

You can install ‘Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on’ to prevent our website from sending information about your visit to Google Analytics.


If you have questions or comments about the privacy statement of P.F. Onings BV, you can send us a message info@onings.nl, +31 174 282230, or P.F. Onings BV, ABC Westland 661, 2685 DH Poeldijk, the Netherlands.


In case you have the opinion that we do not meet legal requirements concerning privacy laws, you can file a complaint at the Dutch PDA using this form.

Changes in the privacy statement

P.F. Onings BV retain the right to make adjustments to this privacy statement. P.F. Onings BV advices you to check this privacy statement regularly to check for any possible adjustments.

July 2018

P.F. Onings BV

ABC Westland 661

2685 DH Poeldijk

+31 174 282230


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