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2021 packed and frozen

Poeldijk, January 13th 2022 – Lily packing season is almost coming to an end. The balance can be drawn as the very last bulbs from France are on their way.

Crop 2021 was a typical one, with an early start, a mild peak and, moreover, a lack of bulb growth. This means that many flower growers, especially the ones using large sized lily bulbs, are missing quantities. In combination with a continuous growth of demand for bulbs from all over the world, the last bulbs were purchased against a very high price.

On the other side there were fewer problems with the quality of the bulbs. This differs per bulb producer. The weather circumstances in 2021 were erratic and caused problems, sometimes, very locally. These events were considered during the quality inspection, ensuring you to receive the usual high standard bulbs you expect from Onings.

Watch the “aftermovie” of lily packing season 2021: https://youtu.be/mZp9jA1QE30

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