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Test results lily trials 2021 online

Although there were no Dutch Lily Days this year, Onings Holland still planted the lily trials like they do every year. The test results of the lily trials can now be found at www.onings.com.

The data of the test results are added to the online lily database. All varieties that were planted this year are now updated. When clicking on one of these varieties, you can find the new results under the year 2021.

The test results shown on this websites are snapshots of samples of 30 bulbs taken from each lot number. When there are more lot numbers per variety, the average results are shown. The performance of the bulbs is subjected to growing conditions and time of planting.

The trials of the Oriental lilies were planted on the last week of January, including the pot Orientals. Later the trials of the OT-hybrids and Longiflorum were planted, then the LA-hybrids, Asiatics and TA-hybrids, and finally the pot Asiatics on the first week of April. There were 3.296 trials planted of 564 different varieties, besides the samples that were received from different hybridizers. All bulbs were harvested in the end of 2020 and are therefore bulbs of “crop 2020”.

When you have certain questions about the results of the lily trials, contact Onings via info@onings.com.

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